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1Zabrodskii V VSilicon avalanche photodiode photon detection efficiency in the wavelength range of 114 - 170 nmIoffe
2Mahmoud AHighly efficient SiC/Mo/Al multilayer gratings for EUV applicationsCNRS-IO
3Liu YEUV in-plane diffraction characterization of quasi-periodic nanoripples produced by ion beam sputteringNSRL
4Ravinet NDevelopment and characterization of W/SiC aperiodic multilayer coatings for hard X-raysCNRS-IO
5Akhmetov FModeling of XUV-induced electron emission in ultrathin semiconductor filmsMESA+
6Sokolov AHighly efficient multilayer-coated blazed gratings for tender X-ray energy rangeHZB
7Sertsu M GOptical constants of beryllium thin layers determined from Mo/Be multilayers in spectral range 90 to 134 eVRigaku
8Smekhova AMaterials Metrology at synchrotrons and its extension to X-ray lab sourcesHZB
9Kirschner HExtension of photoemission tomography to atomic photoionizationPTB
10IJpes DX-ray standing wave study of barrier layers in ultrashort period multilayersUniversity of Twente
11Borgwardt MHigh-precision high-load manipulator for EUV reflectometryBestec GmbH
12Di QuLaser-Induced XUV Spectroscopy (LIXS) for High-Precision Lithium Analysis of Energy MaterialsEMPA
13Hemani YDevelopment of a Table-top X-ray Laser for 24/7 Advanced Spectroscopy (EMPULSE)EMPA
14Matveevskii KCharacterization of strong metal-support interaction using X-ray standing wave techniqueMESA+
15Fatuzzo CGTXRF/GIXRF high precision laboratory setup with high flux monochromatic sourceCNR
16Kolbe MHC free big reflectometer for metrology applications and EUV inspectometer for spatialy resolved reflectivity at the EUVR beamline of the MLSPTB
17Fiedorowicz HA desktop EUV microscope based on a compact laser-plasma light source with a gas puff targetWAT
18Arikkatt AJLaboratory system for optical coherence tomography (OCT) using a laser plasma source of soft x-rays and extreme ultraviolet and focusing ellipsoidal optics WAT
19Majszyk MLaser plasma based source system for testing of VUV optical elementsWAT
20Lohr LGeometry reconstruction of nanostructures using X-ray scattering and fluorescence measurementsPTB