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Tentative Programme

Tuesday, October 19
8:30 Registration & Poster Set-up & Coffee 
9:30 Opening : Recent Developments in VUV and EUV Metrology at PTB 
10:00van de Kerkhof MKeynote: EUV Lithography: present and futureASML
  short break 
10:50 Session IChair: nn
10:50Philipsen VEngineering novel EUV mask absorbers at imecIMEC
11:10Vieker JIrradiation systems for accelerated testing of EUVL componentsFraunhofer ILT
11:30Ramankutty S VA novel sensor for measuring hydrogen radical recombination ratesTNO
11:50Gissot SPerformance of the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) High-Resolution Imager (HRI-EUV) telescope: from ground calibration to first in-flight images, and futureROB
12:10 Lunch Break 
13:00 Poster & Sponsor Presentation 
14:30 Session IIChair: Gottwald
14:30Tiedtke KFLASH2020+ project: New challenges for photon diagnosticsDESY
14:50Ivanov RTemporal characterization of SASE XUV FEL pulses at FLASHDESY
15:10Zeitoun PHigh numerical aperture EUV wavefront sensor for beamline alignment and optics characterizationENSTA
15:30Feikes JSteady-State Microbunching experiment at the Metrology Light Source – Recent ProgressHZB
15:50 Coffee break 
16:20 Session IIIChair: nn
16:20Szeghalmi An.n.Fraunhofer IOF
16:40Larruquert J IAl/fluoride mirrors with enhanced far UV reflectanceCSIC
17:00López-Reyes PHigh reflectance FUV narrowband mirrorsCSIC
17:20Heidenreich STraceable metrology of soft X-ray to IR optical constantsPTB
17:40 End of Sessions 
18:00 Get Together Receiption and Buffet Dinner 
21:00 End of Day 1 


 Wednesday, October 20
8:30 Morning Coffee 
9:00 Session IVChair: nn
09:00H. EnkischKeynote: Industrializing EUV-Lithography OpticsCarl Zeiss SMT
09:40Feigl TEUV multilayer optics – Mission: PossibleoptiXfab
10:00Burkhardt MHolographic gratings for EUV and VUV applicationCarl Zeiss Jena GmbH
  short break 
10:30 Session VChair: nn
10:30Danylyuk SStatus and perspectives of compact on-site EUV and soft X-ray semiconductor metrologyFraunhofer ILT
11:10Schröder SStand-alone extreme ultraviolet spectrometer for structural and optical characterization tasksRWTH TOS
11:30Bleiner DMaterials Ablation: EUV versus Femtosecond LasersEMPA
11:50Nikolaev K VA theoretical model for the scatterometric study of the line-edge roughnessNRC Kurchatov
12:10 Lunch break 
13:00 Session VIChair: nn
13:00Stiel HLaboratory based sources and optics for soft X-ray spectroscopy in the water window and at transition metal L-edgesMBI
13:20Khodykin OMetrology of High Power Laser-Sustained Plasma Light Sources in DUV and VUV spectral regionsKLA
13:40Makhotkin INano-gratings study using 2D X-ray standing waves excited by an in-lab X-ray sourceMESA+
14:00 Wrap‐up and closing remarks 
14:30 End of the Seminar